AMO BABY Silicone Balloon baby-feeding bottle can ease a mother’s child care burden

These days, so-called "super women" who work during the day and take care of their children in the evening are no longer uncommon. Living as a career woman or a mother of a child, it's not easy to play both roles at the same time. When a child is young, he can't rest even when he comes home with a tired body. Especially for babies who need breastfeeding, it takes a lot of effort and attention.

The problem occurs when you move from breastfeeding to milk powder. This is because when a baby is fed by a bottle of milk powder, the baby often rejects the bottle because it feels different from the mother's breast. In severe cases, there are babies who refuse to breastfeed. So there are times when we have to go back to breastfeeding.

The product I'm going to introduce today is 'Silicon Balloon Milk Bottle' by Art Technique Co., Ltd., which started with this kind of problem. When the baby drinks milk powder through the bottle, the balloon-shaped silicone bottle, which feels like a mother's breast, will not reject it. As a result, it can be effective to advance the timing of milk formula.


What is a Silicone Balloon Baby-feeding Bottle?


Silicon balloon milk bottles, as the name suggests, are bottles that can be inflated through air injectors like balloons. The baby feels less emotional and repulsed by touching a bottle similar to the mother's breast.

The bottle itself is made of plastic-like lightweight, durable, heat-resistant Tritan material, and the cover covering of the bottle is made of silicone with no environmental hormones and a chest-like texture. Silicone materials have excellent heat resistance, so they can be sterilized at high temperatures.


What is the Advantage of Silicon Balloon Baby-feeding Bottle


To learn more about the advantages of a silicone balloon milk bottle, the first is that it helps babies digest milk powder because it has excellent thermal effects when breastfeeding. Because the air layer is formed between the balloon bottle container itself and the silicon cover, which keeps the air warm. The air layer prevents the temperature of the powdered milk from dropping.

Experiments with regular plastic bottles have shown that silicon bubble milk bottles remain at a higher temperature than regular ones, two to three degrees in 10 minutes and five degrees in 20 minutes.

Secondly, it helps the baby's brain develop by inducing the baby's finger movement with the same touch as the mother's breast. According to many research and academic reports, finger exercise in infants during the first to third years of life has a tremendous impact on the child's brain development. You have to keep touching something and build an attachment so that you can develop normal emotions and intelligence. The baby can grow both intelligently and emotionally by touching the silicone-balloon bottle that resembles the texture of the mother's breast.

Third, easy disassembly and assembly of baby bottles, and disinfecting, can be facilitated. Even if foreign substances are inside the silicon, simply flip the silicon tube and anyone can clean it easily. When sterilizing hot water, only the lid, nipple, and middle cap need to be disassembled and disinfected.

Finally, in recognition of the excellence and originality of the technology applied to the product, patents have been registered in Korea, and patent applications are underway in six countries around the world, including China. We applied for patents in India, the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, and China, and registered international PCT in 152 countries.

Also, this product has been inspected by the Korea Environmental Laboratories (KCL) and the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) in Korea.



A child is a person who grows up through the infinite love given by parents. A very young baby, especially, needs the mother's infinite care and care. However, women who live in a complex modern society are not only given roles as mothers. There are a variety of roles, including the role of office worker, wife, and individual roles before being a mother.

In this situation, AMO BABY Silicone Balloon Baby-feeding Bottles can help ease the burden of child care, and also develop baby's emotions and intelligence.


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