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According to the "2019 World Air Quality Report" recently published by the global environmental group Greenpeace, Korea's annual average ultrafine dust concentration was 24.8 μg/m3, the highest among OECD members. Sixty-one of the top 100 cities with the most serious ultrafine dust pollution were Korean cities. Narrowing down to 50 cities, India accounts for as much as half of the world's 50 largest cities with high annual levels of ultrafine dust. It means that we are breathing in the most polluted air on Earth.

Air pollution caused by ultrafine dust in the air that we breathe in every day actually causes much more serious problems than the cloudy sky. According to a recent study, air pollution caused by fine dust not only causes respiratory diseases physically, but also psychologically causes judging errors, mental health problems, and poor academic performance, potentially leading to higher crime rates in society. Therefore, we need to prevent air pollution by reducing the use of fossil fuels, which are the main sources of fine dust.

In reality, however, this is a problem that needs to be solved at the national level, not a problem that can be solved immediately by individual efforts. Until then, it is best for individuals to protect themselves from fine dust as much as possible. You can wear a mask, but a more fundamental solution is to use an air purifier that can filter out as much fine dust as possible.


Eliminate 99% of fine dust through Zunion Airtum Air Purifier


If you want to buy an air purifier to protect your family from fine dust, the first thing you need to check is the filter's performance of the filter. It's graded according to the filter's filtration performance. The filter of the Zunion Airtum air purifier is H13 (True HEPA filter) which can remove 99% or more of the fine dust present in the air.

Also, regarding the performance of filters, this product has been separately recognized and certified by KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial TECHnology). In addition, the product has a dual fan with a speed of 6500 rpm (rotations per minute) to filter out fine dust with a stronger suction power.

Finally, the Zunion Airtum air purifier has passed the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) standard. CADR is an indicator of how well an air purifier filters out pollutants, which is certified only by an institution designated by the American Industrial Standards (ANSI). When choosing an air purifier, it may be wise to choose a product with CADR certification, especially the one with a high CADR level.


Filter is also sterilized, by UV rays


Another feature of the Zunion air purifier is that it sterilizes various bacteria, viruses, and bacteria that can be found on the filter with UV rays. The UV rays radiate from LEDs inside the product and are harmless to the human body.


Designed to be quiet


There are grades higher than the H13 grade, which is the grade of filter of Zunion Air purifier. But the higher the grade, the greater the resistance.So in fact, in the case of high-grade air purifiers, they turn the product on weakly.

In the case of the Zunion Airtum air purifier, it can be said that the performance and noise problem have been solved at the same time. The H13 filter not only filters out 99% of fine dust, but also supports sleep mode to minimize noise.


Real-time checking of Air quality


The Zunion Airtum Premium Air Purifier features Auto Air Quality Indicator (AQI) mode, allowing real-time identification of the air condition through the color of the LED. For example, when the air quality is "very bad," it's red, orange when the air quality is "bad," and green when the air quality is "good."


Air purifiers are not a choice but a necessity until 100% green fuels that do not pollute the air quality are commercialized and generalized. Especially for those living in Seoul, where air quality pollution is severe due to fine dust, or in cities in India. Why don't you check the air purifier to keep me and my family healthy?


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