Keep your belongings sterilized through ‘Germ-Free’ Box

How clean are the things you hold and use all day long? It is important to wash your hands frequently, but sterilizing daily necessities is also essential, especially these days.


Since the spread of COVID-19 in early 2020, fears in regards of virus infections and widespread have hit mankind hard. There are 3 channels of infection for COVID-19; saliva droplet transmission, airborne transmission, and contact transmission. Wearing a mask can block droplets and prevent airborne transmission quite effectively, yet it is not easy to prevent contact transmission.


In the case of contact infection, it is common for virus particles to be released from the respiratory organ of an infected, and to be dropped on the surface of the object. Then another person comes in contact with the object, and again he/she touches his/her nose, mouth, or eyes. Finally, infection occurs. For this reason, it is important not only to wash your hands, but also to sterilize objects where the COVID-19 virus could be residing.


So, what is the most effective way to sterilize objects with the virus? It's 'VioLEDs' technology that sterilizes ultraviolet LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) by beaming them on objects. This technology allows 99.9 percent sterilization of the coronavirus. The product I'm going to introduce today is ‘German-free box’ (Dr. Capsule) that applies this technology in a very sophisticated way. So let's take a closer look at the Germ-free Box.


What is the Germ-Free Box?


Germ-free box is a box to sterilize small objects of daily use. Once you put the daily small objects into the box and activate it by pressing a button, sterilization of viruses and bacteria happens inside the box by Ultraviolet-C Light(UV-ray, C type). These UV-C lights are also used in hospitals where they need to keep all rooms completely sterilized. It basically kills germs that reside on the surface of such objects.


How does it work?


This sterilization can be done by the light emitting the UV light from a specific wavelength area, which is the VioLEDs technology mentioned earlier. VioLEDs technology is a new sterilization technology developed by Seoul Viosys, a Korean UV LED solution company, with its subsidiary SETi(Sensor Electronic Technology inc.).

If you take a closer look, this is because UV-C, an ultraviolet ray with a wavelength of 200 to 280 nm(nanometer), penetrates the cell membranes of various germs. These rays damage and destroy the DNA of germs so that they no longer reproduce themselves. This technique prevents proliferation of germs only by light, and is not harmful to the human body.


The LED chip inside the product emits this energy-rich UV-C into the product. Germs on the surface of the product that are in this light will all stop functioning in about 30 seconds. This product provides a 3-minute sterilization mode with a single tap to the sterilization button, and a 5-minute sterilization mode with a double tap to the sterilization button, thus taking sufficient time to thoroughly sterilize the coronavirus.


Why trust only the Germ-Free Box? 


 Recently, Seoul Biosys in Korea and SETi in the U.S., a co-developer of VioLEDs technology, a source technology for German-free box products, conducted a sterilization experiment and published a report at Korea University in Korea (Link: According to the report, UV-C rays successfully killed 99.9 percent of the coronavirus on the test plate in 30 seconds.


 Additionally, Germ-Free Box has been tested separately by the Korea Institute of Construction and Environment (KCL) and has been recognized for its sterilization function using UV-C rays. Finally, Mobistar is a Korean company that has obtained the international certification ISO 9001, and manufactures air purifiers using the same VioLEDs technology.


Where can this Germ-Free Box be used?


 As we live through the day, we touch a lot of objects, so the use of the Germ-free box is endless in our daily lives. When you get home from work outside, you can sterilize your belongings, such as masks, glasses, watches, jewelry, cell phones, wallets, earphones, etc. If you're running a grocery store, a restaurant, or a cafe, you can also use a german-free box to sterilize cash or small tablewares.



 The only way to get through this Corona-era without a vaccine and no cure, is only ‘prevention’ in our daily lives. Why don't you use the Germ-free box for more complete prevention in an era when wearing masks and washing hands are just basic rules. Germ-Free Box is the first step in protecting myself from coronavirus.


Where to make orders for this Germ-Free Box :



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