Light, warm and easy to carry, Rokuroku Kids Windbreaker

Early this year, it's already been 11 months since the Coronavirus, which is nearing the end of winter, completely changed our daily lives. I've been waiting for this Corona situation to be resolved as a vaccine or cure came out, and it's already winter again. Coronavirus is easier to multiply and reproduce in winter than in summer. In order to avoid exposure and infection to the virus, it is important to wear warm clothes and maintain your own immune system.

Children have weaker immune systems than adults, so you should take extra care not to catch a cold in winter. If children have a fever or cough too much during the Corona situation, they are worried about "Maybe..." But considering the activity of the kids, they can't just wear thick coats. Kids feel uncomfortable, and if they take it off, it's heavy and cumbersome to carry around.

Some say it's better to wear several thin clothes than a thick one to keep warm. So the product that I'm going to introduce today is windbreaker clothing for children that can relieve some of that discomfort.


What is the Advantage of the Rokuroku Windbreaker?


Rokuroku is a Korean brand, and it is the only Korean brand specializing in Kids Woven. All products, including windbreaks, use durable woven fabrics. So the advantage is that children can run outside and wear it for a long time, with little tear.

For beige, mint, purple, and pink windbreakers, the 'lip-stop' fabric is used to make them more resistant to rupture or tear. Even if a sharp object is caught and slightly torn, the hole will not expand and the surrounding area will not be damaged. High waterproof and durable.

If you take a closer look at the windscreen, the fabric is highly functional by double-treatment of the exterior and lining. In case of exterior, 100% polyester is made of durable fabric, which can prevent strong winds.

The lining is also made of polyester 100% mesh fabric and has excellent ventilation, which helps release sweat. Therefore, it can be worn during the summer to fall season, and it can be worn for the purpose of winter when it gets cold.

Another advantage is that the packable design makes it easy to carry and store. When children take off their clothes, the design applied to the windscreen makes it very easy to fold and carry around. Unlike other clothes that are uncomfortable to carry because they are sticking out or not folding properly when folded, they are folded neatly in a square shape and light enough to carry them with one hand.

When you store your clothes at home later, you can take up less space and store them neatly. This is possible because there is a built-in storage behind the waist, so you can take the Velcro off and past it to form a 'pouch'.

Finally, there is a hood that covers the head, which allows for two styles: a hood zip-up or a jacket. This hood can be stored in the space provided by opening the zipper on the back of the collar, so it can be worn as a jacket without a hood.

There are also 12 different colors. In addition to beige, mint, purple, and pink made of lip-stop fabric, there are a variety of options in colors including brown, khaki, gray, charcoal, olive, navy, white, and black.

It's good to stay home this winter, even because of the corona, but you may be forced to go out with your children. Or, even if you're at home, it's winter, so you need to stay warm at home. Rather than just wearing short-sleeved or short-sleeved pants at home, it's better to wear warm clothes first. In this situation, why don't we put a windbreaker on our child this winter?


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