To enhance our kids’ memory, Nemonic Printer Mini

Students often write things directly in their notebooks when they study. These days, due to the Korona situation, you may take notes on a new concept while listening to a remote internet lecture. Or you may create a "wrong answer note" to sort out the wrong questions to prepare for the test, and to imprint the things you can't memorize on your head again.

But hand-writing is actually less efficient than time. Especially for students whose handwriting is not neat, you might not be able to read your handwriting properly even if you look at the notes for review later on. This may happen more often than we may expect!

Also, it's a lot of trouble to cut the wrong questions out of the book, paste them, and paste them into the notebook. Not to mention the trouble of transcribing notes without cutting them from books.

The product I'm going to introduce today is a tool that will reduce the difficulties that students face while studying for exams and give them time to concentrate on their studies.


What is a Nemonic Printer Mini?


The Magnetic Printer Mini is basically a micro printer that prints paper the size of a post-it. The back of the printed paper has an adhesive surface similar to the post-it. Bluetooth printer, communication system on the phone, tablet or pc pc to work with and can be used. If you install the 'Nemonic' application on your mobile phone or tablet PC and take notes through the application, you can print it out on the square printer. For regular PCs, note programs can be installed on the PC and then connected to the printer via USB to work with it.

It is also possible to print out what you drew or written with a stylus pen in a square application, but it is also possible to print a note with neat handwriting that you type on your smartphone keyboard.


Advantages of Nemonic Printer Mini


The advantage of Nemonic Printer Mini is that, as mentioned earlier, students can choose it in the form of a digital image without having to leave a note by hand. This is especially true when a square printer is linked to a square 'study application'.

You can use the ‘Nemonic Study’ application to take pictures of the problem with your smartphone and print it out on post-it-sized paper. So even if you don't have to cut and paste the problem, you can make it easily by printing it out and attaching it to the notebook.

You can also print complicated tables or drawings without having to draw them by hand. In addition, as you take a picture of a problem, your shadow that can be seen in the picture is automatically erased by the application.

Secondly, the Nemonic Printer Mini is a thermal printer, so you don't need ink or toner. Regular printers need to be replaced not only with paper but also with toner, but with a square printer, you only need to replace the cartridges that contain paper.

Third, unlike handwritten notes, the printer allows you to repeatedly print a single generated memo after saving it. Even if there is an error in what you wrote, you can easily edit it and print it out in large quantities, whether it's 10 or 100 pages.

Fourth, the Nemonic Printer application offers a variety of forms. Not just hand-written memos, keyboard-based text entry forms, but also formats such as calendars, to-do lists, anniversaries, and timelines. So it can be used when writing a study planner or diary.

Finally, the Nemonic Printer Mini is ultra-small even though it is a printer and can be carried anywhere. It's big enough to fit in a handbag, and students can easily charge a square printer mini with a smartphone C type charging terminal and use it in various places such as schools and academies.



Compared to the past, students these days learn various and high-quality subjects, and the amount of study and the number of tests is as high. So it's time to learn more efficiently than ever. The Magnetic Printer Mini is an educational aid that fits this educational environment. If your child is about to take an important test, why don't you give our child a Nemonic Printer Mini?


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