Product Details

ROKUROKU(ろくろく) is a Korean kids clothing brand by NOK-LOK(轆轆), which means the sounds and shapes of wheels in motion.
We are inspired by those sounds and shapes of wheels in motion and connected them with children and their footsteps playing happily outside. 

Our philosophy is making clothes to protect innocent and beautiful children and allow them to stay active even in the cold winter with lightweight and comfortable clothes.It is a lightweight and comfortable windbreaker jacket which increases children's activity. 

It is is made up of high-quality fabric with doubling upper and lining to do its function. 

Upper is blocking the wind with is durable fabric, and lining has mesh fabric which helps release the sweat due to its great air-permeability. 

We can wear Wind-breaker warmly in between the seasons and pleasantly during the summer. 

Since it is easy to carry due to its pack-able design, we can be prepared for any types of changes in weather conditions. 

In addition, it's containing a pocket as a built-in design, not worrying about losing it also easy to carry and store the product. 

The neckband has a Velcro fastened in-hood design, so we can style it as a jacket or hood. 

About the Fabric

Ripstop fabric has a rectangular shaped, consisting of strong threads in between. 

It has high resistance of fabrics being torn apart and rupturing. It is water-proof and long durability.

The Packable Hooded Wind Breaker Contains The Following :SHELL : POLYESTER 100%


Key Selling Points
  • Korean Brand
  • Ripstop fabric has a rectangular shaped, consisting of strong threads in between.
  • Waterproof and long durability
  • Lightweight and comfortable
Trade & Logistics Details:

Korean Nominate Logistic : SEABRIDGE LOGISTICS CO., LTD.

(Pyunghwa Bldg, Mangwon-Dong) 4F, Donggyo-Ro, 9gil 70, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel : +82-2-323-4100

Dir : 070-5129-4358

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • The product is made in Korea and imported in brand new condition directly from the Korean manufacturer.
  • This Crowd Import Deal will be confirmed only if 350 or more units are booked.
  • If the Crowd Import Deal gets cancelled, i.e. less than 350 units booked, refunds will be initiated to those who have placed the orders.
  • Refunds will be initiated within 15 working days from the the end date of the Crowd Import Deal.
  • Products once delivered are not eligible for returns or exchange.
  • Once the order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Shipping and handling charges are ₹ 500.00 for delivery within India.
  • Orders are not shipped to pin codes which are out of reach for our third party logistics provider or are inaccessible due Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Orders are typically delivered within 5-10 business days after the products have been cleared at the customs office at Indian ports.